St. Maries, ID

The picture above was taken during the line up of the Muddy Butt (2017) by TP Action Photography.

About the St. Joe Cycle Club

The St. Joe Cycle Club was founded in April of 1965 by a few St. Maries residents who had a vision to maintain and preserve a riding & recreation area that could be used by all.  In the process, some pretty great local races began to happen at Christmas Hills; and they continue to this day.
The St. Joe Cycle Club is a non-profit group that is run completely by volunteers who donate time, work and sometimes some of their own money, to ensure that Christmas Hills Recreation Area continues to be available for camping, motorcycle and ATV riding, and of course home to great race events.  If you are using The Christmas Hills area and enjoy it, please do your part to ensure that it continues to be available for us all to enjoy.....pack it in, pack it out.
The Club is always looking for ideas and help, so if you would like to become involved, please
contact us today.